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Husch Blackwell Partner Michael Annis and Senior Associate Emily Lyons are slated to provide five On-Demand Webinar Sessions at this year’s Digital Animal Health Summit hosted by the KC Animal Health Corridor on August 24, 2021.

The Digital Animal Health Summit features 1:1 business partnering, on-demand webinars, emerging company presentations and live stream programming with industry leaders. The Summit brings together organizations from within the Kansas City Animal Health Corridor, which is home to more than 300 animal health companies, representing the largest concentration in the world.
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DogandHorse178712120Initial public offerings (IPOs) are all the rage in the animal health industry because they are new, sexy, and unknown, much like a beautiful stranger you might meet at a cafe in Paris.  And just as with the stranger in Paris, the infatuation investors have for animal health could lead to happiness or it could lead to disaster.  It may sound trite, but before committing to a long term stay in Paris with your new flame or jumping into an animal health investment, do your homework and due diligence.  Unfortunately, it appears that some investors do not know enough about the industry to understand the data they see.  This is understandable given the history of the animal health industry.

In 2012, there were no publically traded animal health pharmaceutical companies in the US.  Animal health companies were either privately owned or were de minimis divisions of large human health pharmaceutical companies.  This meant that there was little meaningful financial data available to the investment community. 

Then, in January 2013 Pfizer spun off its animal health division and created Zoetis through an IPO.   The perceived success of the Zoetis IPO started a wave of IPOs in the animal health space.  Aratana Therapeutics issued a $40 million IPO in June 2013.  Kindred Biosciences followed with a $40 million IPO in December 2013.  Phibro recently announced an IPO scheduled for 2014.  There are several others in the planning stages and some estimate as many as 12 animal health related IPOs could occur in the next three years.    

Fifteen months after the Zoetis IPO, Zoetis remains the single significant source of publically available financial data for the entire animal health pharmaceutical industry.  Yet, we are on the verge of an avalanche of animal health IPOs.  Is this surge of investment in animal health a good thing for investors or the animal health industry?  I do not know, but knowledge of the industry is the key to success. 

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