The Business Standard reported on a new method to purify water using sunlight.

Reuters reported on a Supreme Court decision on the Endangered Species Act.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune discussed soybean storage issues as a result of Chinese trade disputes.

Nation’s Restaurant News reported on the FDA and CDC update on romaine lettuce contamination.

The Miami Herald discussed the status of the farm bill. discussed a proposed EPA rule exempting farms from emission reporting.

USAgNet discussed EU restrictions on use of antibiotics on healthy farm animals.

The Conversation reported on current efforts to develop compostable food packaging.

The Environmental Leader reported on the rise of packaging-free grocery stores.

Agweb reported on FDA approval of drug to reduce manure gas emissions.



The Washington Post reported on gene editing technology.

The Los Angeles Times reported on Brazilian efforts to deregulate pesticides.

Food Safety News discussed FDA review of link between pet diet and heart disease.

Food Dive discussed a study on the cost of eliminating antibiotics in the beef industry.

Fresh Plaza reported on a USDA study estimating the costs to comply with the Food Safety Modernization Act.